So how did we get here? Well, it is a long story but I'll try to shorten it. 30 years ago in Tampa Florida I accepted a job offer with the non-uniformed public health service. My service location was fortunately assigned to Tulsa Oklahoma. As an associate professor with the College of Medicine my stint there was extremely educational. I have long said the residents taught me more than I taught them. Helping our people control their weight was a vital component of managing many of the chronic illnesses. I have struggled with weight issues myself since high school. In this setting our familiarity with phentermine and other medications was truly essential. Even modest weight loss improves diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol problems dramatically. Returning to Oklahoma City in August 1999 our current location at 6424 North Portland became available in early 2001. it is hard to believe we have been in that location for 20 years. We strive to be a high-value resource for folks that know that phentermine is an important component of their weight loss efforts. 405 840 9441, 6424 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City. Pricing is reasonable, less than $250 for a new patient under $100 for refills. Our testosterone replacement practice has been growing for the last 10 years steadily. $130 per bottle including syringes. All new patients must be seen in person by me. Everyone must have lab work. We are more than happy to utilize lab from your PCP or elsewhere. We love Bitcoin! Address at the bottom. We use both cash app and Muun as our exchange apps. If you send me bitcoin please put your complete mailing address and items ordered in the comment section so we can tie it together with your payment.
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